We want to thank Q Salt Lake MagazineDarik News, and News Marty for supporting us by promoting our upcoming video contest!

GLSEN Northern Utah will kick off a “What Belonging Means to Me” with a live Instagram event on Monday, August 1. The contest seeks original videos authored, composed, and performed by a student or group of students that address the theme of belonging, using words, feelings, or events.

“We are excited to celebrate the idea of ‘belonging’ with our video contest” states board member Holly Olsen. “We expect very fun, creative ideas from our community.  We have enlisted local judges and have some great prizes.”

GLSEN Northern Utah is one of 43 GLSEN chapters in 30 states across the country working to create positive and inclusive schools for LGBTQ and marginalized students. The group supports and empowers students through GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances) in middle school and high school.

According to the group, students who participate in GSAs at their schools have less depression, higher self-esteem, and do better in school. Each GSA is overseen by an advisor who receives educational material and support.

“We are excited to partner with the growing network of organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community” states board member Kelly Jones. “With our resources and educational material we are able to fill a need in our local schools for students and educators.”

“I am hopeful that a strong partnership between GLSEN and our school’s GSA will build our capacity to realize our ideals.  These include increasing safety, visibility, and power for students and teachers of marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities, building community through partnerships, and educating families about best practices in loving their LGBTQ+ children” states GSA advisor Dane Hess, teacher and social worker at Glendale Middle School. “I am excited to benefit from the resources, networking, and support offered from GLSEN.”