Keeping Your GSA Active

Need ideas for activities?

If you meet once /week, consider organizing your activities in themes (i.e.: the first week of each month is just a casual meet up to play games, chill, watch a show, etc. The 2nd week of the month is service oriented. 3rd week: activism oriented, 4th week: community oriented, 5th week – if there is one – is for an extra fun activity)

Make the activities student-led. Hold a brainstorming activity where they come up with activities and ideas on their own. (Book club, wellness week, self care, talent show, explore LGBTQ+ scholarship options, etc …)


Social Oriented

  • Play board / card games (everyone can bring in their favorite)
  • Watch a movie
  • Make no-bake cookies
  • Play minute-to-win-it games

Service Oriented

  • Decorate sugar cookies (eat some, and give a plate to the principle, librarian, an ally, or someone who could use a lift)
  • Give out “Heart Attacks” by decorating doors, lockers, offices, with hearts and positive messages
  • Decorate ally doors with and “avalanche” of snowflakes thanking them for being an “avalanche of an ally”

Community Oriented

  • Observe of celebrate the many Days of Action
  • “Chalk the Walk” with positive messaging
  • Tie blankets for new babies at hospitals or elderly in assisted living centers
  • Do a food drive for your local food pantry
  • Do a coat drive for those in need during the winter
  • Do Sub for Santa during the holidays

Activism Oriented

Changing the Game
is a groundbreaking program that started in 2011 to give resources for educators and students to ensure that physical education classes and athletics are inclusive for LGBTQ+ individuals.

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Trans inclusivity

Make your GSA inclusive of trans students.

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