Welcome back to school everyone! We hope you’ve had a good start!
We want to share what the Box Elder High School Equity Club has been up to. Last week they had their 2nd annual “Chalk the Walk” event where students gathered to draw inclusive messages, positive affirmations, advertise their club, and welcome-back messages.
There was some parent-led pushback and potential censorship regarding the students’ ability to write things like “love is love”, “love wins”, “Trans-rights are human rights”, and  “Trans=Human”.
With the help of this letter from the ACLU that spells out students’ first amendment rights, the club was able to come to positive agreements with the administration about how to proceed.
In the end, 180 students came out to write messages of inclusion and support and show school PRIDE. Several other school clubs at BEHS came out and decorated their club logos in pride and acceptance colors as well which was great to see!
The whole experience really opened discussion and activated students into allyship who were upset by initial pushback and limitations of free speech. If anything, the attempted censorship increased the allyship which was amazing to see!
Way to go BEHS!! Have a wonderful year!!