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Nominate a Utah GSA Student of the Year!

Recognize one of your GSA members who has overcome exceptional challenges, shown great leadership, been an effective activist, or has been a great example to others by nominating them for the Northern Utah GLSEN chapter’s GSA Student of the Year award! (image of certificate) Send us an email and tell us why you are nominating the student you feel deserves the award.
In addition, are you proud of what your GSA has accomplished this year? Nominate your GSA for the GLSEN National GSA of the Year award!

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Collaborate with other Utah GSA Advisors

Are you interested in collaborating with other GSA advisors in Utah? Send us an email to join the Utah GSA advisor group chat.

Check out LQBTQ+ scholarships

Consider encouraging your GSA club members to apply for these LQBTQ+ scholarships

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